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Another Stretch of the Umbilical Cord

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

This week was another stretch of the umbilical cord.

I’m deeply grateful for all the adults in my daughter’s life. So many loving and caring humans offering healthy imprinting into her system. I’ve also noticed it feels time for some more consistent children in her life. This week she started part-time daycare where she is with three other kids and a woman that is a total loving mama bear. 🐻

As we packed up her lunch last night and woke up this morning, earlier than our usual slow wake up, I could feel in my own system this next phase in our relationship - stretching that metaphorical umbilical between she and I just a little more.

New friends.

New experiences.

More independence.

I’m feeling the range of emotions. Relief for some more time for myself, sadness over the passage of time, excitement for her to create new connections with children, curiosity for how this will impact her, control over wanting to make sure this is the exact experience she needs, and deep trust that this is exactly what she needs, and an overall honoring of this next stage in her development.

My heart is feeling all the feels simultaneously, as I lay in my bed in the middle of the day and write. That feels good!

I'm reflecting on how one of my roles as mother is to recognize and honor, and hopefully give my daughter, what she needs. And right now, from my perception, it’s deepening connection with some peers.

"One of my roles as mother is to recognize and honor, and hopefully give my daughter, what she needs."

I also recognize I need some more structured time away from her for myself. To come back to myself, to enjoy my rhythms and time that nourishes me so that our time together allows me to be more fully with her - present and resourced.

So as the seasons are shifting from summer to fall 🍁 our rhythm shifts as well, recognizing what serves us both, in the here and now. ❤️

Big Love and Delight,


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