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Conscious Conception

Imagine if you were already in deep communication and communion with your baby before they were born…

The beings wanting to incarnate on this planet at this pivotal time in humanity are bringing in a more awakened consciousness. These beings need parents who are able to hone the capacity to meet them where they are at and hold a high frequency for them. These beings are asking parents to rest into a larger view without narrowing or molding them into conditioned expectations of what a human being is like. These awakened spirit babies are choosing the parents that they know have the ability to meet them… and it often takes guidance and deep inner work to get ourselves to this place. I support parents in growing and expanding their consciousness to step up for this role, and I support parents in making contact with their spirit baby from a place of wholeness, so that they can truly meet their child in the expanded consciousness that they are. 


What is Conscious Conception?


Conscious conception starts way before the seed and the egg unite. It is a journey in which both parents are growing towards embodying a clear aligned YES to bringing life in. 


This YES is made of the desire and intention to ready ourselves for this next step in our lives: to become the parents that our babies are waiting for us to become, so that their wants and needs can be met for them to come here and be with us. We are building receptivity and readiness for the incarnating being to find, in us, a “landing pad” to arrive into.


Saying YES takes us on a journey of facing our own inner shadows and finding the places in ourselves that need love and presence. We clear multi-generational trauma and past life impacts that we have been carrying, to open the pathways for those in the next generation.


At times it can feel like heavy lifting to plunge into these depths… and, the new beings that want to come in are asking this of their parents. They need us to meet them in their expanded consciousness so that they don’t have to conform to the traumas of the old world, but can instead come in to forge a new one.


All through this process we are fueled and held in our deep diving by the purity of soul-to-soul connection that we have with this being. This pure stream of love clears the way and opens the path of connection between souls so that our beloved soul-baby can come forth into physical life. 


The conception stage is a crucial stage of preparation, on all levels. Often couples may think that they’re ready, but as they engage in the conception journey, deeper layers reveal themselves to be met in order for them to truly be prepared to bring a new consciousness onto this planet. As they do the work, they step into a full YES within every level of their being. 


What does this work involve?


With regards to the parents…

This work can involve expanding your levels of awareness and consciousness, parts work integration within each person, attunement to self and other, clearing any static between couples, honing clearer communication, and healing masculine and feminine energetic distortions and imbalances in each of you and in the partnership.


With regards to the incoming child…

This work can involve both parents honing their intention to bring in the child, building contact with the spirit baby, and listening to, and meeting, the needs of the incoming being. 

Ultimately this work is the journey of bringing all involved into alignment, resonance, and readiness. It is an act of tilling the soil to create fertile ground for pregnancy.

Conscious Pregnancy

I’m here to help you be in deeper connection with yourself, your body, and your baby.

Being pregnant was one of the most beautiful times in my life. I was in awe of my body’s capacity - of what was happening within me without me consciously doing anything to make it happen. I felt creation growing inside of me. As my belly grew and my body changed, each shift brought forth more curiosity and a deeper embrace of who I was becoming. These nine months were a journey not just for physical transformation, but for the emotional and spiritual along with the physical.


I took the opportunity for this gestation time to be not just about the growth of my child within me, but also about my own growth into the new identity of mother. I met the parts of me that were in resistance to how much my life was about to change. And I honored the intelligence of my physical body and brought reverence to the profound process of my body growing a baby inside. I took time to tune into my baby’s consciousness, feeling her on an essence level and communicating with her. 


The Journey of Pregnancy 


Pregnancy is a particularly special time in our process, as pregnancy holds the template for motherhood. During this time we have the opportunity to delve into our own self-relationship, to deepen our connection with our body’s innate intelligence, and to communicate with our baby in utero. Cultivating these skills during pregnancy supports a more easeful transition through birth and infancy.


Pregnancy asks us to turn inward. As the belly grows, and our insides stretch, so too does the opportunity to dive within our depths. To slow down and learn to listen to our body, to heal and deepen our relationship with our body, and to get to know our subtle body.


So often in pregnancy what arises will be the mental, emotional, and energetic stress patterns that will repeat themselves throughout parenting. For example, we may feel ourselves constantly in “do-er” mode, or future tripping, or cycling in anxiety. As we notice these tendencies when we are pregnant, we have the opportunity to learn to catch these patterns, and to cultivate a capacity to re-route ourselves into a more present state of beingness, which will be crucial both for our own well-being, as well as for the healthy nervous system of our child.  


Taking the time to shine the light of awareness to these places, during this crucial time in which your system is transforming, sets the stage for who you are becoming as a mother. You have the opportunity to begin to lay down the tracks of motherhood now, that can then hold you when you need it later on.


Intuition is heightened during pregnancy, as the veils between dimensions are so thin. It is the perfect time to practice hearing and trusting your intuitive voice. That way, you will have this skill readily cultivated and available as we then move into the next phase of parenthood. What is beyond all of the “noise” of the limited thoughts and beliefs that cycle us through “should’s” and “shouldn’t”s? You have the opportunity to find what is true for you as a parent, within your own heart.


This heightened intuition opens up our channels of communication with our baby on an essence level: soul to soul, heart to heart. I guide mothers in how to find that pathway of communication with their baby, which allows for a much smoother transition once the baby is born. This open connection deepens your bond with your baby, and helps you get in touch with what your baby is asking of you. Once the baby is born, the baby’s very basic needs of feeding, sleeping, and elimination will come to the forefront. Now, during pregnancy, you have the time to focus on the energetic and spiritual connection as your main form of relating.

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"Mandalena holds a container of permission and love, so all you have to do is show up as you are. My husband and I have been working with her through your entire conception journey and pregnancy thus far. Having her witness us and teach us how to come back to our individual and mutual truth and sovereignty, even when triggered and under resourced, continues to profoundly impact our relationship"

- Rachel J.

Conscious Parenting

How can we learn and grow, so that we can show up fully for our children?

We are in an amazing time on the planet in which as a collective, we have enough consciousness to be with ourselves in more attuned and aware ways, and this capacity can shift the fate of future generations. We have this at our fingertips: the tools and practices that can help us make different choices than our parents and grandparents did… healing and uplifting our family, past, present and future. 


With a YES to cultivating our intuition and our mindfulness capacities, and to deepening our personal healing, we get to rest into and receive the gifts of conscious parenting. Ease and enjoyment can be the new story that we write for ourselves and our children. We are in the opportunity and the honor of supporting our future generations to fully thrive. 


Cultivating Intuition


Feeling and trusting our intuition is a crucial skill that allows us to listen to what is best for our child in each moment.


Being a mother has been a process of discovery, as I intuitively and instinctively listen to how my child and I naturally want to be, and follow that. This includes feeling into which parenting practices are in authentic alignment for me and my child. I don’t unquestioningly follow mainstream practices simply because I feel “should’s” from the outside world. Instead, I’ve chosen practices like co-sleeping, elimination communication (infant potty training), breastfeeding on demand, infant swimming, natural rather than timed sleep cycles, and carrying my baby most of the time for many of her first months. In each situation I follow what feels right and true for me as a mother in this dynamic co-creative experience with my child. As a mama, my approach to parenting is child led: I’m not trying to make my child fit into my world... instead, I am learning how to fit into and adapt to her world. 


I encourage all mamas to parent through this innate intuitive capacity. You are your best wisdom. Follow your intuition and listen to your gut - and if you feel you’ve forgotten how to listen to your inner guidance, I’m happy to support you back into this practice. 


No one knows what is best for your child better than you do. This knowing comes from a deep inner listening and trusting and an ability to follow the arising. If you can discern between the voice of fear and the intuitive voice, you will make choices that serve your child and family far greater than any external influence could. 


Cultivating Present Moment Awareness


Cultivating awareness practices deepens us into presence and builds our intuitive muscles…


When I am with my child, meeting her in the present moment, I’m following the arising wisdom that reveals to me what is needed. The cultivation of awareness practices I’ve gained through my spiritual path are now put into practice in the day-to-day. This cultivation has brought forth greater joy and ease inside of parenting.


Some people say that “motherhood is an 18 year Vipassana retreat” - I love that, and I agree. As parents, meditation is no longer just about sitting on a cushion, it is about how we live life. In parenthood, as in meditation, we are most alive and aware when we are humbly and openly curious about what is occurring in each moment, and meeting it as it is, with love. We are in relationship with the unfolding now, giving ourselves fully to presence, opening our capacity to be in our best self as we meet and respond to the arising.


Meditation and presence practices can be powerful tools to train us into deepening these capacities. Different people have different constitutions, and each benefits from specific kinds of practices. In our work together, I’m here to help you find the adjustments and areas of focus that are most beneficial to your growth.


Clearing Conditioning


Healing our conditioning and wounding is what allows us to open up into these deeper capacities for presence and awareness.


Often we have parts of ourselves that are still living from a place of lack, fear, and trauma, that can sometimes end up taking over our experience and ways of relating with our partner or children, leading us to act reactively instead of being responsive in our choices. And so we find ourselves still carrying psychological conditioning that doesn’t serve us, and anxiety about how to be and what to do as parents. 


In our healing path we can learn how to attune to our own inner child that didn’t get certain needs met, and wasn’t seen or attuned to in the way that we needed. As we do our healing work, we enter into deeper safety, self-trust, truth, presence in each moment, and connection in our relationships. When we have these greater strengths, we are able to show up fully to meet whatever comes up, holding ourselves in love and finding the bliss inside of it all, even during difficulty. We can trust what life brings us, rather than trying to fight against it. We can stay present, rather than disconnect. We can stay resourced, rather than become depleted.

The skills we cultivate within ourselves provide a template for our capacities with our children. The more resourced we are in our own self-system, the more we are able to be present and attuned to our little ones.

What are sessions like? 


Sessions are in person or on zoom. I work with subtle energy and awakened awareness in a mixed modality that includes both physical hands-on work, as well as work in the fields (whether in person or on zoom). 


  • I guide your own awareness in self-realization, and I transmit awakened levels of love and healing to your system. As I hold a multidimensional view of you, you can more easily experience yourself in your completeness.

  • We will work with your own personal subtle energetic field, and help you learn to lean into the natural intelligence in the field that holds you, your child, and your partner.

  • We will support your psychological integration via parts work based on the Internal Family Systems model.

  • We will address archetypal masculine and feminine distortions in your own being and in your partnership, and improve communication and intimacy within the couple when relevant.

  • We will open to communicate with your child on a soul level, and you will practice tracking and attuning to your child in energetic ways.

Monthly Pregnancy Circles

This is an ongoing circle, and woman at any stage of pregnancy are welcome. 


The main focus of these circles is to build connection with other mamas-to-be, to support the profound transformation into motherhood, and to connect with and listen to the incoming souls. This all happens both through my facilitation as well as through the co-creative group field. Women can join in person or on zoom 

Pregnancy Circles
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