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About Me

Meet Mandalena

Mandalena has devoted her life to supporting people in the discovery of

their greatest self, and the journey to embody its magnificence in the world. 

I’ve been a healer and teacher of healing arts and energy medicine for 15 years, supporting clients and students on their healing and awakening paths. My work with people covers the full spectrum of experience, from deep psychological trauma to transcendent spiritual expansion. When trauma comes up, I assist clients in meeting aspects of self that had been hidden from direct consciousness and, through loving presence and attunement, integrating them back into the wholeness of their true self for deep healing. Through beautiful moments of spiritual awakening, we traverse dimensions of reality and “land” extraordinary experiences into embodiment and daily life. In this work, I’ve seen people change their entire outlook on their life and identity, meeting themselves and reality in greater truth and freedom.


The skills of healing and awakening that I’ve studied and taught to others for since 2007 are the same fundamentals that support my own life. I know from personal experience how these skills have the power to guide and hold us in times of difficulty. Even when easy answers aren’t available in the outer world, I have felt the deep support of spirit guiding me, showing me the way. It is these skills and practices that allowed my transition into motherhood to be so graceful, enjoyable and easeful. I want to help you to have the same support.


My own journey of becoming a mama, which included four pregnancies and miscarriages before my daughter fully incarnated, set me up for the work of connecting with the souls of babies, both pre-conception and in utero. Once I had opened up into communication with the soul babies in my own pregnancies, my friends' spirit babies began communicating with me as well. This opening naturally led me to working with couples in the conception phase, as well as pregnant mamas and new parents. 


After my baby was born, I realized that so many of the qualities and capacities that for all these years I had been giving to my clients and to myself, were also exactly what my child needed from me: depth of attunement, loving presence, awareness of each moment, intuition and trust. These capacities have given my baby the security and presence she needed for deep psychological and spiritual health. As a result my baby has become securely attached and bonded with me, and has a baseline of contentment and joy in her system. 


I feel deeply called to help parents cultivate the awareness and practices that I’ve had in my own journey, so that they can show up with their all to parenting.




  • 15 years of training and work in awakening practices, subtle energy awareness and healing

  • Teacher and practitioner with the Luminous Awareness Institute since 2007 (

    • Internal Family Systems

    • Adult Attachment Repair Model

    • Meditation and awakening practices

    • Somatic and embodiment practices

    • Attunement to subtle energy

    • Presence practices

  • Certified Holistic Doula: The Matrona, Whapio Diane Bartlett

  • Incoming Souls year long training: Shelley Lemaire

  • Specialized education in:

    • Body-Mind Centering ™: Somatics Certificate from University of Colorado

    • Alexander Technique

    • Massage: Certified practitioner from Five Branches University 

    • Cranial Sacral Therapy: Hugh Milne 

    • Dance and movement: lifetime dancer, ballet, modern, Contact Improvisation, physical theatre, Ecstatic Dance,Five Rhythms, Authentic Movement, Qi gong, Continuum, yoga and Axis Syllabus

    • Meditation: Zen and Tibetan styles 

    • Plant Medicine

    • Women’s Sexual Mysteries and Tantra: with Lisa Citore

  • MFA from the University of Colorado specializing in performance, movement, and somatics

  • BS and BA in Human and Organizational Development and Fine Arts from Vanderbilt University

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