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"My work with Mandalena both 1x1 and in group/pod settings has transformed my inner world. With her support and guidance, my relationship with myself, love for myself and trust in myself has grown exponentially. Today, I am happier than I’ve ever been. I will always be appreciative to Mandalena for her embodied approach to healing, her deep love, and her wisdom."


- Nina B.

Finance and Operations Specialist


"Mandalena is one of the most attuned and dialed in coaches I’ve ever worked with. Her ability to fully see you, fully understand you, fully meet you, and then relate that toward your relationship is nothing short of mind blowing. I have such deep trust with her, and such deep love. She has completely shifted my reality with regards to relationships and brought a gift to my life that I could never have thought to be possible."


- James Hodges,  CEO and founder New Earth Ventures 


“Having worked with Mandalena for several years, I am so grateful for the tangible transformation, healing, and insight I’ve integrated from every session. Mandalena brings beautiful skill, openness, and the gift of a higher perspective, while also being powerfully intuitive and completely in sync with my needs and my system. She has helped me in healing from extreme medical trauma, supported deep inner work with inherited patterns, and helped me anchor through life changes and following my desires. Most recently, she has beautifully supported me on my path to motherhood. Working with Mandalena has helped me to step into deeper alignment and clarity with myself and the flow of life. Her work will be something I revisit over and over again, and I can’t recommend her enough if you want to shift your life.”

- Molly K.

Teacher, Artist, Expecting Mama


"It is truly an honor to get to work with Mandalena 1:1, with my husband, and in groups. Her essence is the all loving mother who is present with you, wants to be with all of you, and loves every part of you that arises. Mandalena holds a container of permission and love, so all you have to do is show up as you are. My husband and I have been working with her through your entire conception journey and pregnancy thus far. Having her witness us and teach us how to come back to our individual and mutual truth and sovereignty even when triggered and under resourced continues to profoundly impact our relationship. Throughout the shifts and changes in pregnancy we have been able to meet each other with more attunement, compassion, and love as we now have a deeper knowing of each other beyond the current trigger. We have been working with Mandalena weekly to create more spaciousness in our relationship and hearts to welcome our baby onto earth. Mandalena helps us find clarity in our own systems so we can connect with our baby and understand what preparations are being asked of us as we become a mama and papa. These sessions leave us feeling deeply connected in our partnership and an even deeper love for the family we are creating. These sessions have been the biggest gift to nurture my marriage and family.”

- Rachel J.

Expecting Mama


"There is a reason we asked Mandalena to officiate our wedding! Our partnership would not be the dream come true it is today without Mandalena as our couple's counselor. Since we first started dating, she's helped us find ever-deepening connection, work through huge conflicts, and feel so safe and right with each other that we can't wait to share the rest of our lives together. We've both worked with plenty of therapists, counselors, and coaches - Mandalena's unique approach is so much more powerful and effective than your average talk therapy. It's no understatement to say she's fundamentally changed the course of our lives for the better. She helped us find the "true" in true love!"


- Brett and Michaela 


"Mandalena has been a huge gift  true gift to my family and I. There aren’t words to embody my gratitude for the gift she has given me , as a Mama. 


I had a visit with her , pregnant with my second boy. She was able to bring me back home to myself , and my inner knowing as a Mama, and connect me with the spirit of my angel baby ! I was so disconnected at that ( early ) stage of my ( unexpected) pregnancy , and it truly changed the whole experience of my pregnancy and motherhood , as I knew it . 


I only wish to have known her the first go around 6 years ago. She is an embodied example, and therefore a powerful invitation to parent from the heart, trust your inner-knowing and the intelligence of the interdimensional bond between ALL beings, but  especially between Mama’s and their babies; she is still my gentle & loving reminder, a constant invitation to this space I’m so thankful to know, since having worked with Mandalena. Highly recommend , especially for ALL mama’s! Thank you, Mandalena"

- Katie P.

Business Owner, Mama of two


"The work that I have done with Mandalena has been incredibly transformative for me personally and for my relationship.The depth and deep intuitive attunement that Mandalena provides create so much clarity for myself and with my partner. Right from the beginning I have felt so deeply safe, seen and understood. 

The very first session we did together shifted something we have been working through for almost a year very quickly and on the deepest level. Every single session we have done so far has felt like a deep, transformative medicine journey. 


Doing this work as a couple has helped us to understand each other on a much deeper level. We now are feeling much closer, connected and able to navigate triggers in a way that is a world of a difference compared to before the work with Mandalena. 


It’s so valuable to have this opportunity to receive guidance from someone who is able to help me come back to my own truth and helps me see certain patterns and behaviors that I am not even aware of. This new awareness has allowed me to create deeper intimacy and more self love. I am forever grateful for our paths to have crossed and would very highly recommend Mandalena to anyone."

- Sophie, Tantra Teacher


“My wife and I have grown so much closer since starting our sessions with Mandalena.  We have been working with her for over two years now, and our relationship continues to find a deeper foundation of trust, and a playfulness we have both been desiring.  So grateful for Mandalena’s skills, presence, and heart.”

Dylan Jonlynn, Chiropractor and expecting dad


“If you’ve ever experienced great pain, work with Mandalena. If you want to expand your life past what you can imagine is possible, and remember nourishment and wonder… work with Mandy. :) It has been the most potent medicine I’ve found and I have lived the life of an intrepid seeker. Before this work, I had never experienced a place to be with both my heights and depths with such tenderness, simultaneously. It was a new realization and alchemy of both my most intimate and infinite self. My life is practically unrecognizable from when we first starting working together, in the most magical and beautiful of ways I could have never even put on a vision board. She creates a sacred space for you to birth and bond with your own Soul.”


- Lindsay, Tech Entreprenuer

Mandalena has been a source of hope and joy. My partner and I have been held in presence as we work through the challenges and pains of relating. Her intuition and ability to hold our emotions while simultaneously directing us to an underlying truth is unique. This balance of nurturing support and cutting to the heart of the conflict is what has allowed for my personal growth and significant change to my partner and my relationship.


Stuart, Director of Online Meditation Learning Platform 

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