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What is Conscious Pregnancy?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

A client of mine in her first trimester was experiencing a ton of “morning sickness”.

She could choose to just be with the nausea and throwing up and say it’s just part of being pregnant. Or, she could reflect upon what her body and this baby are asking of her.

I believe there is such intelligence in “morning sickness." Slow down. Honor all that is happening in your body during this time of pregnancy when all the vital organs and foundation of this baby are developing.

Her tendency is to take on a lot, and do, and push through when things are uncomfortable. But, whenever she does this right now, she throws up. It goes deeper than just being busy in her life. It’s how much she holds inside of her partnership and family. It’s how much she’s been able to endure and how she has connected her worth with her usefulness. But, this time there’s a direct consequence.

Her baby is asking for her to develop a different way. A softer slower more present way so she can really meet them as who they are and to let go of ideas of who she thinks they are so she can meet them in the field of love. The field with which they were conceived inside of. And, to rest into her own worthiness of love regardless of what she’s doing.

I’m witnessing the precision of this journey. There’s not much room. If she goes into old habits of overdoing, she’s immediately purging this pattern. It’s a small margin of error as she learns this new way of being. Her baby is asking her to be the mama they chose on a soul level, to meet them in the place that their essence resides. There will be plenty of time to meet them in the human level when they are here in the flesh. But, right now is the time to stay expansive and meet them there.

This is the conscious practice she’s choosing. Allowing the places in her that want to control and know everything to surrender into a larger stream of love. The intelligence of her system is physically purging anything and any moment that does not align with this greater wisdom. I applaud her for being willing to face these old ways of being and turn toward a deeper calling arising in her. Ultimately, it’ll make it easier to meet her baby when they’re born.

Pregnancy is a time for laying down these new pathways in preparation for the child being here. Old patterns arise and may look like “morning sickness,” but there is something much more holistic happening. This is the process of becoming Mother, of expanding and opening while simultaneously letting go of old ways of being in order for new ones to emerge.

We are not only birthing a baby, we are birthing ourselves as Mother and Father.

So, for this woman, it’s dropping into deeper levels of unconditional love. The love that has the capacity to meet all that arises with love from moment to moment.

"We are not only birthing a baby, we are birthing ourselves as Mother and Father."

And for the father, his practice is dropping into deeper levels of unwavering presence and resting as the ground of being that can support her "doer" to relax. This is an identity shift for her. She’s used to being able to perform at a pace that ignores other aspects of her being. She can no longer override these softer, more subtle places. "Meet me here," this baby demands. Beyond your to-do lists and accomplishments. "Meet me where I know love, because we are love."

Big love and delight, Mandalena

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