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Waiting to Know the Sex

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

When I’m asked if I know the sex of this baby, my response is that I’m choosing to meet them on a Soul level. I love how much people enjoy guessing, it’s fun to feel their reasons or their certainty.

There are some big reasons why I’m choosing to let this naturally be revealed to me.

I love connecting with and first meeting this being on a Soul level, meeting them beyond gender and sex, in a dimension that feels way more androgynous, where I can feel their essence, their uniqueness, who they are beyond our human gender constructs.

I love that this Being can remain sexless and genderless for the fi

rst 9 months of their life, that their sexual orientation can remain unknown, and that all the cultural conforming that occurs around a person’s sex and gender can remain untouched.

On an even deeper level, a few days before this baby was conceived on the Big Island, I was given a massive download about who they are. The message was all about Union. That this being was coming in already balanced in both their masculine and feminine energies. This transmission dropped me to my knees as tears poured down my cheeks and I felt the immensity of the soul ready to come in through the vessel of my body. I’m incredibly devoted to nurturing this balance in them, and in myself. And everyone, for that matter!

I actually believe many Beings coming in during these tim

es carry more of this balance, and they are coming in to support our evolution back into this necessary balance. These polarities are the two hands of oneness: dynamism and stillness, yin and yang, Shiva/Shakti. They are not separate. They are our wholeness, and they cannot exist without each other. And all of us are both, as wholeness and expressions of the Creator. This is our sacred Union, that collectively we are waking back up into the remembrance of.

I don’t know what will happen when this baby is outside of me, like how quickly sex and gender norms will try to be placed upon them. So for now, my sweet precious one growing inside of me, enjoy the purity and simplicity of being gender fluid, gender neutral, androgynous and PERFECT exactly as you are.

Big love and delight, Mandalena

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