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What is a New Earth Child?

What is a new earth child?

We know these children are choosing to come to the planet during this time and are here to help elevate the consciousness. To raise the vibration. They come carrying codes of oneness, union, inter-connectivity and love. And they are sensitive to feeling when the people around them and their environments are dissonant with these wisdoms.

They refuse to dim their light or conform to the status quo. They are here to shake things up, to agitate a complacent society and dismantle old paradigms of separation and power dynamics.

And they do so with their big emotions. They will not quietly comply and conform to a broken society. They will scream, emote, and disrupt as a way of saying “things are not ok as they are."

These big emotions can feel like a lot. They can feel “inconvenient” when we’re in a task mode of trying to get stuff done or not make waves. And they don’t care.

They are leading the way to a new earth and they need their parents to understand what they need.

Which is attunement, on ALL levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They need attunement to the higher frequencies that they reside in. They want to be met on a soul level from their loved ones.

In order for us to be able to meet their attunement needs, we need to cultivate our skills of attunement. And that takes repetition and practice.

What if you could arrive at a place in yourself when your highly sensitive child has a big emotion, that you can genuinely say “I’m right here, I’ve got you” and have those words come from a rested centeredness in yourself of unwavering presence and emotional capacity. It takes practice but it’s totally possible.

Big love and delight, Mandalena

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