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Center of The Universe

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

I had a dream I was ready to give birth and was in a room with some other people. I could hear them talking, totally aware of how their words and energy were impacting the space. A female friend said I was scared of birth because of the miscarriages I have had. This friend represented the “know-it-all” energy that I sometimes feel is talking for me, and this bothers me. I then felt myself come into full command of the space. I put my finger to my mouth to hush everyone in the room.

I felt myself come into my center and drop into the power that creates universes, and babies, and gives birth. The energy in the room slowed down (“Matrix” style) and the feeling I get on plant medicine allowed me to see, sense, and know with perfect clarity that I am at the center of this powerful force and everything is organizing around me and my clear power.

As this wave of shock-force energy moved through the space, I recognize I am this energy.

I put my hand down to my yoni, in preparation to catch my baby. I didn’t birth yet, but was completely prepared for it, everything in perfect harmonic orchestration of this moment, ready to receive my baby.

I see this dream as a great reminder that birth allows for a heightened sense of awareness that we are the center of our reality and everything organizes coherently to support life to come through it. Support in the physical and non-physical congregates around our clear centrality. Everything abides to this loving presence and clarity. I recognize this great reminder that I, and this pregnancy, and all the energy organizing to support this Being coming through me, are the central focus and importance. I will not bend or compromise within this heart-felt knowing of this purpose. A simple, clear, and unbending intent to this great calling and serving.

May all women receive the knowing and support to allow for the physiological intelligence of birth to occur undisturbed.

Big love and delight, Mandalena

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