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The Perfection of You

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

You. You shine through me. Like a bright star in the sky Making your way to Earth.

You. You radiate within me, illuminating the light that I am. You. You come to me. Far from the galaxies beyond. You. You shot like a star across the sky, Lighting up everything on your path. You are so wise. You know things That we may have never seen before. You. You bring a wisdom and a light. That is bright in new ways That the planet is ready for. You’ve chosen to come here now You’ve chosen me to protect you To guide you, As you guide me We are allies in this embodied journey And we know each other for eternity. But this time, This moment in time We have chosen this dynamic. You my child, And I your mother Only for this short time In the infinite limitless Time that we know. You. You are the radiant cosmic light, Of truth. Housing a new consciousness That we have invited in. I don't pretend my limited mind to know what you’re bringing. And yet I know it so deeply in my cells You are coming here A beacon of light For all of us to bathe in. As you rest in my arms As you nourish from my breasts, I will protect you And listen to your needs I am you And you are me I welcome you my beloved Into this Earth plane dimension. I’m here for you, With you For eternity. Love your grateful mama 🙏✨❤️

Big love and delight, Mandalena

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