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Family Rituals on the River

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

This was such a special time together, celebrating new life growing inside of my sister’s womb. Our trip to the Yuba last month was spectacular. Hiking everyday with Anaiya strapped to my back, and Jennie’s dog Sunny at our feet, keeping our pack together, finding our perfect secluded beach at the shores of these glorious waters. Splashing, swimming, floating, drifting, we joyfully played all day in the full summer river. What a time to connect in with her growing baby, finding perfect backdrops to capture this sacred time. As we laughed and dreamed and spoke of what’s to come.

Anaiya loved being here. Barefoot and naked as she traversed the smooth rocks, rolling in the sand and giggling in the water.

This is a special time and place for my sister and I. Our third summer in a row, lounging at our secluded oasis at this most divine place. As this tradition gains momentum, we reflected on first coming there when my baby was still a dream to become manifest, to the next summer as she turned five months sprouting her mermaid tail and sun kissed skin, while Jennie invoked the soul who would nest inside of her in the fall.

And now as Anaiya walks and swims and Jennie’s belly grows everyday. Blooming gracefully into her 8th month, we continue to recognize and honor the magic of this place that continues to hear our prayers, carrying them down the river guided by the round granite rocks, the protectors of our dreams ensuring them to ride the river into fruition. As these relaxing days of vibrant blue cloudless sky, as bright and clear as the smiles in our hearts, commence another precious time together as SiSTARs being in the bounty of life together, I give thanks to all that guides and supports our bond to keep flourishing as we embark into this next phase of life together as mothers.

I do believe our souls high fived each other as they came into this life and family knowing our interwoven adventure on this Earth plane would continue to reveal the love that we have for each other eternally. As I witness my sister in her greatest rite of passage yet, I bow to the wisdom she rests in, her trust in the unfolding and her ever contagious joy and light. Her glorious belly and radiant glow expanding into the hearts of all who she comes into contact with as she so humbly allows herself to unfurl into mamahood.

I feel myself giggling in delight of what’s to come for her... a love greater than she has ever known, with her sister cheering her on every step of the way. I know you will surrender into the ever present grace that is Jen. Allowing your body to merge with the power that creates life as the Goddess that you are, perfectly softening, surrendering and opening, discovering a power in you that was dormant until needed, being the portal that allows this being to birth, received into the arms of his beloved mother. As you rest into the bosom of the Great Mother in full awe inspiration.

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