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Soaking in Those Quiet Moments

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The stillness of my child as she sleeps, matching the calm from the snowy blanket on the land. As the external quiets, I’m able to tune back into my inner landscape... and simply listen.

These are the moments that truly keep me connected to Source and support me to parent from a place of responsiveness and love, rather than reactivity and impatience.

Self-care is not a luxury as a mama, but a key part in thriving, for us both.

And while it may not be as long as I might like, seizing the smaller moments, glimpsing stillness, reconnecting to the larger stream of Love throughout my day, is the nourishment my soul cherishes, as I serve the well being of my daughter AND myself.

"Self-care is not a luxury as a mama, but a key part in thriving, for us both."

Asking myself what I want to model to my daughter, helps remind me to stay resourced and recognize when I’m not, and do something about it. I need to love myself as much as I love my daughter.

Mamas: how do you stay resourced and connected to yourself as you tend to your little ones?

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