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Empowering Choices

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Blueberries or bananas? Would you like to walk, or have me carry you? This shirt or that one? “That one” she delightedly exclaims as she picks the one in my left hand. Such a simple moment but a poignant moment of choosing. Reaffirming to her that she’s the co-author of her life. And has been since she was born (well, actually in utero, I was deeply listening to her then too). As the neural pathways in her brain begin to develop, and ego identity continues to grow she knows her preferences and desires matter.

Her needs matter. She matters Life is not being done to her. But rather she’s in co-creation and co-participation with her life. Getting to make decisions, that in her world are HUGE. Does Opus the Octopus ride in the car with us, or does Woof Woof? Or maybe it’s both. Perhaps then she won’t have to over exert her will to make sure she gets her way. She knows that her choices have been honored. Her voice is heard. Her needs considered. Her desires valued. Plus, I get to keep discovering what delights her. And how she wants to engage with life. Not that I expect any of her preferences to be the same tomorrow.

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