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What Do Children Need When They're Dysregulated?

What do children need most when they’re dysregulated?

When their emotions are full. Their upsets big. Their anger intense.

They need to know we are right here with them.

That we’re not going away.

That their big feels have room to be here. And we will be here with them.

They need to feel this. Empty words of reassurance fall flat if we’re not also embodied in this.

What does that look like?

A cultivated capacity to be with our own big emotions. An open heart of empathy and a stable unwavering presence that will not leave, no matter what.

And the truth is most of us didn’t receive this kind of presence when we were children so we are reacting to our children from our own misattuned imprinting.

So if you notice you want to run, you disassociate, or you get reactive and angry when your child is having a big upset, guess what...

You’re parenting from the limiting conditioning of your own childhood.

When you learn to resolve this within yourself, you stop defaulting to the limited conditioning you unconsciously took on from your parents and consciously begin to learn to attune to and meet the needs of your new earth children.

It begins with you

Model to them how you want them be. ❤️

Big love and delight, Mandalena

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