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These Precious Moments

We were having a challenging moment of preschool drop-off.

Naiy didn’t want to put the toy she brought into her backpack and then wanted me to just hold her while she felt all the feels. I happily held her close as she moved with the tears. And then I asked her if she wanted to hold her new friends hand. She got down and stood next to her friend and they reached hands for one another. As if this wasn’t enough of a touching moment, another new friend came on the other side of her and reached to hold her other hand. Two caring friends on either side of my baby girl. And they walked to the garden all together.

These moments are so touching—to feel the care of other children, to witness my daughter receive it, to not only rely on her mother for comfort but to allow her circle of care to extend to her peers. She trusted that they too could meet her in the tenderness she was feeling. The touch of their hands offering co-regulation to her nervous system. She didn’t need me to stay by her side in that moment. She had her own inner awareness that her needs could be met by these young girls too. Ahhhhh.

Feeling all the feels from this moment ❤️❤️❤️

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