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The Perfect Choosing

A poem.

You came in with power Earlier than expected In your perfect divine timing You’ve been exploring this new body With fervor and desire To know it To inhabit it To explore its edges As it grows And I’m witnessing you All along the way

I feel a fidgeting, And I know you need to pee I feel a restlessness, And I know it’s time to burp you Another expression And it’s milkies time I get to learn you Every step of the way

And it goes way beyond The basic survival needs Of feeding and pooping And peeing and burping

I get to learn your emotional intelligence too Of feeling your eyes rest into mine As you smile into my heart Speaking volumes about what you know You gaze up at me while you feed And my smile reflects yours Grinning as you gulp The milk spilling out the corners of your lips

Our adoration Envelops one another My face has become A beacon of safety Familiarity Reassurance Just like yours has been A signal to me Of innocence Purity Reverence And cosmic bliss We swim in these waters together Lost in the sea of timeless wonder And curiosity I gaze at you with sheer awe And satisfaction And honor that I get to be your mother The perfect choosing

Photo by Melanie Rose Prince

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