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Re-Union with Love (A poem)

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Love comes knocking at my door.

Go away!

You’re too light

Too playful

Too easeful

I must face the shadows with a fine tooth comb

I must plunge the depths

And feel I am working hard

To meet myself

Ahh I see, says love

These are the ways you’ve been taught.

I applaud your courage,

To even have the willingness

And desire to uncover.

To peer beneath the dark rocks

And engage with the dirt

The worms

The bugs

The maggots

The muck

But I ask you when you do this

With what eyes are you seeing these places?

With shame?

With judgment?

With the story these are bad

Or wrong

and must go away?

Do you peer at them with eyes of a scientist?

Picking each one apart

Plucking them from their natural habitat,

To closely examine their properties,

Deciding their worth

Inside of a petri dish.

I feel love teasing me with these questions.

Honoring my stories and

My learnt beliefs.

That those places are hard and scary,

That they can’t be shown the light

But can only exist in the shadows

I feel her caressing the edges of my beliefs

Not hammering into them

Or even pushing them to shift

Like moonlight

Shimmering on the rippling waters

She remains a constant presence




And caring

Casting her gaze

Upon my shores

With a constant compassionate light

With a consistent easeful presence

Reflecting her light

Across my waves

Reminding them they are part of the Ocean

Moving with the tides

Flowing like the waters

A steadfast offering

Her shimmering presence here to remind me that

The light merely illuminates

What’s in the dark

It does not try to make it the light

Or make it change it’s form

It just shines pure loving awareness

Allowing us to come into more intimacy with ourselves

With ALL of our parts

As our whole

and most holy

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