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Parenting With Polarity

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

These terms feminine and masculine are thrown around so much these days.

As a parent I’m really tuned in to where and how these polarities serve in union for the wellbeing of me and my inner world and my child.

I feel the term masculine represents pure awareness. An agendaless presence that is all pervasive and all sustaining. matter what. An unshakable ground that is like a stage for the dynamic aspect of reality (the feminine) to dance upon. This presence offers an edgeless container that, rather than confining or constricting, is spacious and vast with limitless pristine presence for energy to move in around through.

And the feminine is energy. It’s the substance which creates, animates and is constantly emerging and changing. It’s emotion, energy in motion, dynamism, expression. It’s the creational (and destructive) force that brings life through into the earth plane dimension.

"As a parent I’m really tuned in to where and how these polarities serve in union for the wellbeing of me and my inner world and my child."

These two aspects are Yin and Yang and, when in healthy relationship with one another, are a sacred union. A completeness. A wholeness.

The aspects of father and mother contain even more specific components of masculine and feminine. Mother is an energy of all embracing and unconditional love. It's the "I’m here with you." Holding the frequencies of empathy, compassion and warmth in being with her children exactly as they are moment to moment. This being with emotion and experience is a caring presence that allows a child to feel safe, met and held.

When a child first arrives onto this planet this is exactly what they need. To be met in their experience. To feel the unconditional love and caring presence that they can fully rest into. This creates the bond of safety. This is what they regulate their nervous system too before they can self-regulate.

And then, layered in after this mother's love is offered, is the divine father presence. This is an unwavering presence that also has discernment of what’s needed for a child to thrive. Meet the emotion first and then offer the clear bumpers - the banks of the river to support a child to flow.

There’s a natural timing to when the discernment is needed for a baby as they begin to explore more independence. That stage between baby and toddler where some redirect and boundaries are necessary. And it can be best heard and received when first met with love and compassion.

Big Love and Delight,


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