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On Longing

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

A poem.

Storms roll in. The clouds fullness blocking the light of the sun. Behind these grey obstructions in the sky The sun waits, Longing to kiss our skin with her rays again. Aching to fulfill her purpose To illuminate her bodies: Earth, creatures and plants.

Meanwhile the flowers soak up this rain. They too long to fulfill their destiny. Blooming in their glory, For all to adore their brilliance, in bright colors unfurling. They cherish the rain Just as much as the sunshine on their petals. For they know All is part of their path to fulfillment.

I watch my baby as she discovers her body. Arms and legs flailing in a seemingly haphazard direction. Each movement corresponding with a sound, A grunt A squeal A cry A coo She too longs to reach her purpose as well. To grow, To inhabit this body. Has she not already?

I feel into my heart And sense the longing living in there. Wanting to be touched, She aches for closeness And intimate knowing.

This energy of longing, Yearning to reach our fullest potential. To splay open my insides Warmed by the glory of the sun.

But for now I must recognize That my yearning is being met By a presence that is never waning. I can notice these places, And reflect upon the journey. Awareness is always here.

The clouds part, The folds of their curtains Revealing the bright sun. Back on center stage, She never stopped shining. She just had to patiently wait For her co-star to play their part. Just like she, The clouds yearned to quench the earth. One is not grander than the other. The waiting is not a problem, For their roles never cease. Their longing Is intertwined into the perfection of all things. Just like my baby Is not questioning whether what’s she’s doing is on purpose. For she is the intelligence of this right order of all things unfolding.

So I ask my heart if she to can know that her longing has been met. A very long time ago. Before she landed on this planet And grew inside my chest. Her destiny was fully regarded, Mapped out by the best. The same presence that’s witnessing me now.

So longing is a concept, Illuminating lack. A belief that I’m not fully on my path. It’s the same as believing the sun has gone away, Or because the clouds have parted They won’t come back another day. Rather than acknowledging Their symbiotic relevance. All aspects of the whole.

So as my heart reaches out, She also recedes back to her home. Held by the great mystery, There’s no need for patience. Again, just a human idea. That our destiny is not already here, That my longing has not already been met and witnessed, by the stars and the planets and the galaxies and the comets and God herself As myself.

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