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My Body Is Yours

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Inside to outside, but still not separate from me. Pushing against my belly from within. Now resting on my belly Cuddling into my skin. My womb expands, from the physical, to now an energetic sphere of protection and safety.

You built your home inside me. Receiving exactly what you needed from my body. The intelligent placenta Filtering out anything that didn’t serve your optimal growth.

And now my breasts still give you the exact nourishment you need. But it’s beyond my boobs. These voluminous mounds that your hand or face feels comforted simply resting upon. It’s beyond the milk that leaks when I feel you begin to stir. It’s beyond the softness that these comfort sacs offer as a resting ground after exploring your new body.

Your face, planting between these fleshy pillows held by my heart. My body is yours, It’s your signal of home outside of the nest you developed in, inside of me. I housed your being, from one cell multiplying into this exquisite miracle.

And I still house you, As we stretch our outings into the world. The tether growing longer by the days, just as the sun’s been peaking her light into summer. You rest into me. Offering you the peace you need as you take in this bold bright sweet and curious world. Like the sun, your orbit still cycles close to me. You are not a distant planet, but one intimately nearby, fed by my nervous system, fed by my presence, soaking in my love for you.

Testing new things, Dipping your toes, Your legs Your back and head into the waters. First a bath, then the creek, and now a pool.

And then the ocean, when you’re ready.

Not going any faster than your sensitive new nervous system can handle. Giving you ample time to integrate your new experiences. Not pushing or forcing Listening and responding to how you react to something new. There is no rush. You have your entire life to keep exploring. And you will, Always.

And as you do You know you will always have me to come back to. My soft breasts here for your sweet face to nestle into once again.

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