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I Get to Be a Mama

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I get to be a mama. Really different energy than feeling burdened by motherhood.

I get to be the stable presence and unconditional love as this precious being learns what it’s like to be human, once again.

I get to be the person she reaches to when she’s feeling dysregulated or overstimulated

or spun out.

I get to be the one she wants to snuggle with and have milkies to peacefully fall asleep.

I get to be the one who guides her as she discovers herself in this world.

I get to be the one who is responsive rather than reactive to her needs.

I get to be the one who helps her know that her needs matter and will be responded to.

What kind of child emerges from this kind of environment of stability and safety?

A securely attached one.

One who walks in this world with a rested peace in her heart.

Knowing that she matters and her needs matter.

Knowing that consistent and reliable support and love are here for her.

"These early years hardwire us for our orientation into the world. Determining if we feel safe and secure in our bodies."

Many adults are not in the world feeling this way. And it usually stems from these first few years as a child of not receiving consistent reliable responsiveness. It’s the difference of feeling rested safety, and security in oneself, verses anxious,disconnected or overwhelmed.

These early years hardwire us for our orientation into the world. Determining if we feel safe and secure in our bodies.

As I get the honor of being this person for my daughter, I also get the benefit of enjoying our connection.

Of being in relationship with this child rather than trying to make her conform to my world.

Of feeling the mutuality of respect and love and consideration.

Yes, my two year old is innately considerate and caring. Her nervous system has had consistent co-regulation and this allows her to thrive rather than live in fear or unsuredness of how her mama will respond to her needs.

Laying down this foundational groundwork for my daughter matters most to me.

It matters for the longevity of her well being for the rest of her life.

My prayer for the world is that all mamas/primary caregivers get to have these precious years together with their children and be that stable secure attachment person for them.

Imagine the world if all children had this? Wow! Just wow!

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