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Fleeting Moments

Her first tooth.

Anaiya’s first tooth just broke through to the surface. She’s been gnawing on her hands, my fingers, others fingers, fabrics and anything else she can grasp and pull to her lips. I’ve felt it coming, brushing my finger across her gums for weeks, waiting for that moment when it would push from below to the surface.

This bone growing in her mouth. These bones growing in her body, her natural development unfolding.

This moment hits me with significance. Never again will she be a toothless gummy newborn. Never again will she not have teeth.

These bony necessities emerging to help her chew and take in nourishment other than my breast milk. These strong white teeth that will support her to digest life as she takes it in in the form of food and experiences.

My body will not always need to be her only source of nourishment.

And that’s exactly as it’s supposed to be.

And again, I can’t help but reflect upon the significance of this moment.

What’s been growing beneath the surface has now broken through, moving along into her next stage of development. Just like so many moments will.

I think of a flower that’s been underground, waiting for the perfect moment to push through the soil and receive the sun for the first time on her bud. This first tooth, organically breaking through the gums, aligning into her place in her mouth where she will be joined by the others in their natural timing.

Natural intelligence unfolding once again.

This is a physical appearance, evidence of all that’s happening in her body beneath the skin. So much that I will never see because it’s meant to stay inside. All the bones in her body, silently growing and stretching. All the muscles strengthening and lengthening. All the organs plumping up, As her skins elasticity accommodates all the changes.

What a complete miracle this continues to be.

What it takes for the strength of a bone to push through the gums in perfect timing and intelligence.

This, like so many moments of firsts, and releases of what was, so that she can keep blossoming into who she is becoming again and again. ❤️

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