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You Are Here

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

A poem of infinite love.

Cracked open to the core I’ve never loved like this before The feelings coursing through my body Unconditional love, no denying

Gazing down at you You notice my smile It’s just for you. Your gummy lips Turn upward Brightly smiling back, In recognition You are here now You are cared for You are loved, Always.

The warmth in my heart Rolls through me like thunder Tears in my eyes This epic surrender I knew you Long before you came here And now I get to know you In this body In this skin In the smile radiating from within. Your eyes are finding focus, Still seeing other realms, No distinction between here or there up or down before or after just here.

You are beingingness in your perfection In the moment In the present Knowing home is here Close to my heart The smell of my skin The sound of my voice All signaling to you You are safe You are held You are protected Always.

As I rest into my knowing that I am held here too. You remind me of the goodness That never is fleeting Of the all encompassing love That keeps a heart beating And so my precious one I stare back at you Seeing life through your newness Your curiosities and coos

I feel the days tumble Through simplicity and surrender As my heart opens more with Each of your wonders.

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