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Don't Forget Where You Came From

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

A poem.

Don’t forget where we came from, don’t forget who you are. Arriving here in a new body, brilliant as a star. ancient like a mountain, fluid like a river, vast like the ocean, and adorable as a new baby. I won’t let you forget who you truly are. I’m not fooled by this fresh baby suit. Pure love that never dies. You are not coming or going, you are not young or old, you are the wisdom of awareness, Infinite intelligence in this small body. This time I am your mother, and you my child. Our souls orbiting through many roles, in this cosmic theater we call our human experience. This time I may be older than you, but I do not pretend to be wiser. For you, just like me, are woven from the same threads. That which interweaves together The timeless, The ageless, The infinite expanse. Yes it’s true, your gurgling smiles melt my heart. just like those eyes, the window to your soul, have melted my heart for eternity.

Your gaze locks with mine, transmitting innocence, cosmic wisdom, purity, unconditional love, and beingness. Like a lover, you are my beloved, as we peer into each other‘s eyes. Traversing the expanse of all that is. Your coy smile tells me that you too are aware of this love between us, as you rediscover what it is like to be human, once again. Perhaps this time you do not need to forget the infinite wisdom and love that you are, no matter what. Perhaps in your presence I too will journey home to that deep knowing. Can I protect you from the ignorance that washes across our planet? Can I keep you connected into what’s true, what lives beyond distortion and the illusion of separation?

For now it is easy, as we swirl in this cosmic bliss of love and joy, and ease of connection. Can you never forget, While I remember? No pressure on you, you just get to be you, signaling that truth. The reason why so many want to be close to a newborn. So they too can remember not just where we came from but who we truly are.

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