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Discovering Solids

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

A poem.

Squishy fingers Feeling food The soft orange of the sweet potato squeezing through her small fingers Texture Smell Taste Remembering it again Or for the first time Each texture Each food A sensorial exploration An explosion of flavor Pressing her little fingers into the soft fleshy potato As she squeals in delight of the new object of her affection Her lips pursing in response to the strong flavor Buttery sweet goodness Learning that she is nourished by the earths bounty She smiles at her remembrance She’s touched this before Tasted this splendor One of the joys of being in a body

Pasty orange fingers She’s feeling new foods Licking Puckering Gagging Body learning how to swallow this new texture These nutrients squish through her exploring hands Reaching into the bowl Grabbing the nourishment This time in the form of a sweet potato A new flavor But beyond tasting It’s the entire sensorial experience Feeling the texture in her hand Dropping chunks as they fall to her feet These toes also enjoying this earths bounty Squealing Squeezing Squirming As her body responds on all levels to this new input She is the experience Not separate from her food Or her senses Full body discovery always #motheringthroughpresence #motherhoodinspired #responsiveparenting #skintoskin #secureattachment #Rewritingmamahood #mamababybliss #Intuitionoverintellect

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