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A Mother's Love

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

A mother’s love is like no other No one could even begin to explain Until crossing the threshold of birthing my child into the world. The love for a partner, a sibling, a parent, a friend Falls short of this endless love Pouring out of the mother’s heart For this precious being who chose me

A mother’s love is like no other A celestial star being traveling the cosmos to come to Earth Discovering this new body Offering you support and nurturance As your senses awaken And your coordination develops

A mother’s love is like no other The innate wisdom activating through gestation, birth and becoming Kicking in full force once my child is here in my arms Things I didn’t know before but now instinctively do Riding on the wings of all the mama’s who’ve come before me Feeling this web of intuitive intelligence here for me now It’s always been here, but now I have access to this wisdom too

A mother’s love is like no other Drifting in and out of sleep Moving through the night together, Entraining to your rhythms of feeding, resting, and bodily needs Discovering how your body and voice express themselves What they are so distinctly communicating to me

A mother’s love is like no other Feeling the range of this experience Not wanting to miss a moment of your growth and discoveries Realizing the bliss arises through feeling it all My mind has softened as I move with you through instinct and intuition Reveling in your innocence and beingness Present to it all

A mother’s love is like no other Feeling you tire as I rock you in my arms I delight in watching you rest Hearing your gentle snores and heavy breathing Amused and delighted by your facial expressions As you dream into other worlds The satisfaction that you know how safe you are nestled against my skin Relaxing into my body, you are home

A mother’s love is like no other As you begin to stir and awaken Your cries bring forth my mother’s milk Your intelligence finds its way to food As you undulate up my belly Your mouth searching and sucking toward my nipples As you latch on and voraciously drink Grunting and snorting in your full creature expression I am at peace knowing you are nourished by my body

A mother’s love is like no other I am not sleepless, but entrained to your needs and cycles Sleeping with you, waking with you, laughing and smiling with you I ceaselessly stare at you while you sleep Enamored by your peaceful state

A mother’s love is like no other As we bathe together, floating and submerging into this new sensation Reminiscent of the womb, but now you’re breathing air, I see you discovering the water Just like so many firsts I will witness you in

A mother’s love is like no other Feeling you snug against my skin Feeling you respond to my voice Feeling you sensing me in the room Comforted by my song, my words, my touch, my presence You know you are protected and attuned to All your needs responded to

A mothers love is like no other Witnessing you come into more embodiment Your eyes locking in with mine In recognition of our bond Your giggles as you delight In experiencing new body sensations All the many faces you make And a smile that lights up my heart And everyone else you share it with

A mother’s love is like no other I am here for you always Here to serve and guide Protect and nurture To teach and be taught And ultimately to love you like no other So you may always know you are loved And you are love

A mother’s love is like no other How could I have known until This sweet bundle birthed out of me And snuggled against my skin Resting peacefully in my care And in knowing this I now know how much my mom loves me Like no other Thank you to all the mamas for all the love and devotion past, present and future

Thank you once again Melanie Rose Prince for capturing this precious moment between us.

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