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Mother Bridge

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Mothering through presence from conception, to pregnancy, to parenting.

mother and baby
mother and child

Welcome to Mother Bridge

Hello dear ones!

I’m Mandalena and my intention is to support you through every stage of this beautiful journey that is mamahood. Sessions can be done in person as well as through Zoom. My work includes:

  • Working with couples and individuals on the conscious conception and pregnancy journey - connecting you with your babies Spirit.

  • Supporting parents in the process of presence and attunement to their babies and children.

  • Bi-monthly pregnancy circles (In person only)

If you'd like to book a free Discovery Call, please text or call me at 720-900-9663

You have the power to be in your full potential and passion as a parent, showing up fully for your little one.
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mother and baby

What My Clients Are Saying

mother and newborn baby

Your Mothering Resource

All parents deserve to have the most empowered parenting journey, bringing our best to our children. I’m here to help you get the support you need to show up with your greatest capacities for your child.

Most of us step into parenting feeling excited and nervous, and feeling a deep dedication to give the best to our child. Often we didn’t learn the most important parenting skills from our own upbringing or adult life. What is being asked of us now? How can we step into this role?


We each have an innate capacity deep within our souls, our bodies, and our hearts, and it is calling to us. We are called to come back to a natural intimacy with the moment, with our subtle energy, and with our capacity for attunement to ourselves, our partners, and our children…

mother and child on a beach
Our Work Together


The more we can be connected to our own wholeness, the more we can meet our children in their wholeness and innate well being. 


Our children come into this world as pure divine presence, and they are waiting for us to meet them as their true self. They need from us the key ingredients of emotional availability, attunement, soothing, safety and stability, encouragement, delight, and capacity for repair. These gifts will allow them to develop a secure attachment in their bonding with us, which is the basis for their long term psychological health and relationship success.


How can we give them these gifts? How do we heal the conditioning within ourselves that has been blocking us from fully showing up to meet our child’s needs? How do we meet them, from pre-conception, to gestation, to parenthood?

mother and child playing

Caring for our little one begins with caring for ourselves. Since we meet someone else with the level of skill that we are capable of meeting ourselves, a crucial ingredient of conscious parenting is learning how to deepen and grow our relationship with ourselves, and with our partner. As we step into ever greater healing and awakening, we become able to receive, nurture, and guide our children in these capacities.


In our sessions together we will work on multiple levels of awareness: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Together we will build and expand your consciousness, bringing you into the wholeness and unconditional love that you are, with the capacity to meet yourself and your children in the wholeness that they are.  

Your journey will include honing the deeper, subtler skills of pregnancy and parenting. You will deepen your capacities for….


  • Feeling and trusting your intuition and instinct

  • Grounding into a deeper capacity to rest into a flow state

  • Feeling and adjusting your subtle energetic field

  • Communicating with your spirit baby

  • Energetically tracking and emotionally attuning to your baby after birth

  • Cultivating a stability that allows you to meet anything that arises with groundedness

  • Following the arising natural intelligence that reveals itself as our animal nature and human nature

With these capacities, parenting can happen with greater ease, confidence, and connection with your child.

mother and newborn skin to skin

"I only wish to have known her the first go around 6 years ago. She is an embodied example, and therefore a powerful invitation to parent from the heart, trust your inner-knowing and the intelligence of the interdimensional bond between ALL beings, but  especially between Mama’s and their babies."

~Katie P.

The beginning of parenthood is a hugely transformative time…

having the skills to navigate this life transition sets up a long-term foundational relationship of well-being and thriving for the whole family. 

Watch my recent interview with the Luminous Possibilities Podcast!

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